Do’s and Don’ts of Data Loss

Hardware failure and data corruption can produce panic, disorder as well as negative decision making in an extremely short amount of time. Please stop where you are and take just one minute to read this. There is a right way and a wrong way for data recovery on just about any system. We can show you how you can recover your lost data on many different platforms


Drive Failure & Data Recovery


DO NOT open your disk drive and expose the media !!! There is nothing inside that needs the interest of a common customer or do-it-yourselfer. Only a qualified hard drive data recovery engineer in a certified cleanroom environment should ever open a drive.

DO NOT try to swap circuit boards on modern drives. There may be system area conflict issues that may cause major problems.

DO NOT put your drive in the fridge freezer and then attempt to spin it up. It is feasible that wetness has condensed on the media surface areas. This will certainly create head calls if it has and also will ruin the drive.

DO NOT listen to your friends or continue to look for home remedies on the web such as the one discussed above, seek professional help if you value the lost data.

DO NOT remain to power cycle a clicking or non-responsive drive; it’s not going benefit you and may make the drive unrecoverable. If it must come “prepared” by some opportunity, the opportunity of it packing the OS for you, “simply again”, is a million to one.

DO NOT mount healing software on the exact same drive/partition that you’re lost files are on, you will certainly overwrite them with the installment.


DO try to slave your drive into a working system to check for readiness and file system integrity. 

DO try an undelete demo from the net to see if what you’re looking for is available for recovery if so, purchase the tool.

DO look for professional help if you’re not sure of what exactly you’re doing. You can learn basic recovery procedures on an expendable system.

DO back up your data early and often. It’s not if, it’s when.


RAID Collapse & Data Recovery


DO NOT take the recommendations from any kind of OEM assistance team unless the system was originally configured by them and also nothing has altered since.

DO NOT attempt to rebuild a selection unless you understand precisely which drives failed, why they fell short, and most notably WHEN they stopped working. RAID recalculation integrating old data from a drive that fell offline first will certainly corrupt every one of your information. We see this on about 30% of all RAID 5 healings that enter our facilities.

DO NOT SHOT ANYTHING unless you are eventually knowledgeable about the hard disk drives, arrangements and also controller routines.


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