All about Forensic Data Recovery

In today’s world, businesses and individuals have moved on from using pen and paper to record important information. Instead, important data is now recorded digitally on computers and mobile devices such as smartphones.

While this offers unprecedented levels of convenience and ease, it also opens up the possibility the data can be lost or stolen. When this occurs, calling on experts skilled in forensic data recovery is critical to recovering valuable data. Whether it is a company that has fallen victim to cyber criminals or an individual who may have accidentally deleted files, there are many reasons why forensic data recovery services may be needed.

What is Forensic Data Recovery?

As stated earlier, various reasons can lead to data being lost. From online hackers gaining access to a system remotely, a hard drive that gets damaged or destroyed, or a system failure involving software or a hard drive, these situations scare the average person. For example, many people believe that their data is lost forever after dropping their smartphones and damaging the device’s hard drive.

When this happens, professionals can use forensic data recovery techniques, such as repairing the hard drive enough to make it functional. Once this is done, forensic data recovery specialists can then begin the process of retrieving data. For many people, one mistake they often make is continuing to use damaged devices, which further damages the hard drive. Therefore, the sooner forensic data recovery techniques can be used, the greater likelihood data will be retrieved.

Remote Data Recovery

In some instances, skilled IT professionals can use remote forensic data recovery techniques on devices. If there is still a viable internet connection and software that is not extensively damaged, technicians can employ various techniques allowing them to examine operating systems such as Windows or Linux to examine raw data on a hard drive. This can work whether the data was accidentally deleted, damaged from corruption, or deliberately erased. Whatever the case may be, remote forensic data recovery is possible.

Data Scrubbing

Much like a murderer wiping their fingerprints off a gun or knife, data scrubbing is one technique online hackers use to circumvent forensic data recovery. When data is scrubbed, it is not simply deleted from the hard drive. Instead, it is permanently deleted, making it extremely difficult if not impossible to recover.

To scrub data, two main methods are used:

  • The first one involves using data destruction software such as DBAN or apps such as FreeEraser, which permanently destroys files and folders.
  • The second method is using a device called a degausser, which destroys the hard drive’s magnetic field. While these machines may cost thousands of dollars, they can destroy data on multiple hard drives in less than one hour.

How is Forensic Data Recovery Used?

In most cases, forensic data recovery is used by law enforcement to aid in criminal investigations, and also by businesses to retrieve valuable company and customer data that may have been lost or stolen. In the case of criminal investigations, officers and prosecutors will need to have evidence that links a person or organization to a crime, and will need to present a trail connecting those parties to the crime. In the case of businesses, many times forensic data recovery services are needed not only when equipment malfunctions or when data is accidentally deleted, but also after events where equipment is damaged due to fires or floods.

How Can Forensic Data Recovery Specialists Help?

While many people try to create backup systems to ensure their data is not lost, many others often try to go it alone during this process. If you choose to do so, you may make a bad situation worse. Since few ordinary users of computers and mobile devices are skilled IT professionals, it is likely you won’t have the know-how needed to retrieve data.

Though various types of software and tutorials are available online, most will only be able to help with basic data retrieval. Therefore, if your computer or mobile device has been damaged or corrupted due to cyber criminals or from being dropped or involved in a flood or other situation, rely on experienced and knowledgeable forensic data recovery specialists to retrieve your most valuable information.

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